Top 5 reasons your vehicle needs a reliable dash camera


Imagine you’re taking your family to a road trip on a calm and slow Saturday morning when a rogue vehicle suddenly comes out of nowhere and bumps you from behind, sending your car into zigzag course.

Surprised yet composed, you’re able to regain control of your car, ending up safely parking it on the roadside with your family unharmed. However, the next thing you knew, your vehicle’s rear sustained major damage that’ll surely need significant repairs and cost you some fortune.

Moral of the story? Road mishaps can happen in a blink of an eye. That’s why it pays to have a well-functioning dash camera to have irrefutable evidence of who’s really at fault in times like these, in case the other party flips the story and say you’re the one to blame. This helps you speed up your insurance claim and the authorities to catch the culprit red-handed.

Not only does a dash camera can safeguard you from wrongful claims, but it can also help keep insurance rates at low, apprehend and foil thieves, vandals, hit-and-run culprits or insurance scammers, make you a confident driver, capture a special moment and provide you peace of mind across the board.

Let’s take a look at five compelling reasons your vehicle needs a dash camera:

1. Keep car insurance rates at low
A dash camera can help expedite an insurance claim process. Since it serves as an outright video and audio documentation of what actually went down, this “silent witness” reveals the truth and details the collision scenario. Just make sure to use one that records in high resolution to get a clear image of the other vehicle’s license plate. If possible, get a dual channel one that sports another input for a second camera to be placed at the back of your vehicle. This provides you with a more holistic surveillance capability like never before.

2. Catch crooks, foil insurance scammers
Having a specialised onboard camera spells a win-win situation for you, especially in thwarting people with bad intentions—to cause you, your pocket and your vehicle harm. Case in point, take a look at this video which was aired in July 2017 by NBC News. Featured are two allegedly insurance scammers conniving to extort some cash from a lady driver in the United Kingdom. They fled away upon realising their antics were being taped by a rolling dash camera.

3. Get that utmost driving confidence
Blanketing your car with a “magical barrier” is a non-negotiable these days. While being involved in any road accident is the last thing you’d want to happen, installing a reliable dash camera will give you the right dose of confidence you’ll need whenever you hit the road, given that it’s guaranteed that truth shall prevail at all times.

4. Capture a special moment
Catch the picturesque scenery of your road trip every time. With a dash cam that captures clear, crisp videos like clockwork through its manual recording mode, you can always re-play memorable journeys with your family with ease.

5. Peace of mind wherever you go
All in all, nothing beats the feeling of having a reliable witness on your side should the situation call for it. Depending on your dash cam’s capabilities and add-ons it goes hand-in-hand with, it can help you go from one place to another with a protective layer that translates into peace of mind across the board.

Think about the big picture

Accidents are unpredictable. Against this background, bad drivers and poorly-maintained vehicles are everywhere and they always pose a serious threat to those disciplined drivers—no matter how careful they drive.



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