How park mode helps you have peace of mind


Having an extra eye on the road and in parking areas is invaluable these days.

As a lot of things can happen in the blink of an eye, especially if you’re leaving your car unattended overnight on a roadside or for extended periods of time in a public parking area. There’s always a chance it might get sideswiped by careless drivers or, worse, targeted by smash-and-grab burglars.

That’s why you’d want to blanket it with a vigilant protective mechanism that still records incidents, motions or impacts even if the engine’s turned off for peace of mind. Why? Because this makes it easier for you to file insurance claims or authorities to investigate on what went down.

No device can do it better than a hard-wired dash camera equipped with a built-in parking surveillance mode. But what is parking surveillance about anyway? To give you a better idea, here are three of need-to-know facts that’ll help you understand how this recording mode lets you enjoy having peace of mind like never before:

1. It helps make the insurance claim process a breeze

Paired with a genuine brand-specific hard-wiring cable kit, parking surveillance mode-equipped dash cams will make good in capturing crucial footage in a power-efficient manner. This is important so your vehicle’s battery won’t get drained in the process.

Mind you, not all dash cams with park mode are created equal. There are some models that don’t really hit the nail on the head in terms of recording only when they need to. When left unchecked, this may saw your car battery getting depleted in no time. Besides, it's always beneficial to free yourself from the time-consuming task of checking hours of video recordings.

2. It catches reckless drivers, burglars red-handed

Since it’s hard-wired, you’re assured it’s getting the job done on both ends. It’s highly recommended for you to go for ones that only record important events or incidents, as needed, to avoid early and unnecessary memory card congestion.

Tapping the capabilities of a dash cam that has motion sensors that never misses to detect any kind of movement nearby is a good start, because it spares you from the hassles of having to unplug the card and connect it to a computer to extract important footage or get rid of insignificant ones. All in all, motion sensors combined with on-point recording spell a holistic boost in your car’s surveillance prowess.

3. It helps you check on fleet vehicles

If you’re the one responsible for overseeing your company’s fleet vehicles, then parking mode helps you do it effectively. This dash cam feature allows for the playback of park mode recordings, enabling operators to hold drivers accountable should cargo or items go missing.


Parking surveillance = peace of mind

It’s no secret a dash cam can monitor and record driving incidents, be it in front of or behind your vehicle. But as much as you’d need a witness you can depend on whenever on the road, it also pays to have one to safeguard your vehicle whenever you’re not around. It all boils down to getting a hand at that overall protection and peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to connect with us today if you got questions regarding park surveillance mode-powered dash cams. We’ll gladly help you land the right one that’ll suit your needs and preferences.


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