Compatible with all THINKWARE dash cams, the THINKWARE Hard Wire Cable installation kit continuously powers the vehicle's THINKWARE dash cam. This keeps your Surveillance Parking Mode systems up and running whenever the car is parked or unattended.

  • Suits all THINKWARE dash cams
  • Provides continuous power supply to your dash cam
  • Enables parking surveillance mode
  • Fused ACC and constant wires
  • Wires into constant, accessories and earth
  • 12V and 24V compatible
  • Comes with 4 metre long cable
  • Korean Made Reliability with 1-Year Warranty
  • VOLTAGE: 12V/24V
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Thinkware Models associated with this Product: 


Powered by Sony Exmor imaging sensors, F100 records in full high definition 1080P (front) and high definition 720P (rear) at 30 frames per second. It is considered as one of the simple, easy to use, yet highly functional 2-channel capable dash cameras in the market right now. F100 sports G-Sensor Incident Detection that securely saves incident footage and when installed with the optional HWC, will also protect your vehicle when parked.


A 2-channel dash cam that sports Sony Exmor image sensors, F200 records videos in full HD 1080P (front) and HD 720P (rear), with built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone connectivity. It offers high-quality footage and lessens blind spots via its 140° wide angle field of view. Its easy to install design lets you place it behind the rear view mirror, unlike other bulky dash cams, this model won’t obstruct your driving view. Using less energy during parking surveillance mode, it records up to 3 times longer than any other dash cams.


F50 is powered by a Sony Exmor image sensor giving you unobstructed 130° wide-angle Full HD 1080P video recordings. When connected to the optional GPS antenna (GPSANT), F50 will also alert you when approaching speed and red light cameras and it will embed the speed and location data into the video file. Unlike any other typical budget dash cams in the market, F50’s stronger suits lie in its internal thermal protection and supercapacitor power storage that ensure it can brave through the hottest environments.


The F70 gives you crisp full HD wide 140-degree angle view 1080P videos and extended view of the road ahead. Equipped with wide dynamic range, night time picture correction and automatic exposure, F70 covers a greater span between bright and the dark areas while driving. For protection when the vehicle is stopped, it comes with Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW). When waiting at an intersection or in traffic, FVDW alerts if the vehicle in front of you has already moved forward, preventing a delayed response and averting accidents.


F770 front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony Exmor sensors, making it one of the most advanced dash cams in the market. Recording clear, crisp and wide angle full high definition 1080p videos at 30 frames per second front and rear, it also captures enhanced footage in low light places during park mode using Super Night Vision 1.0. Built in WiFi enables smartphone connectivity and GPS on-board provides more details on playback.


F800PRO features Sony Exmor R Starvis sensors for front and rear cameras, powered by Ambarella A12 processor; producing crystal-clear full high definition 1080P footage, even at nighttime via its Super Night Vision 2.0 technology that’s great for dark environments. Consuming less power compared to rival dash cams, F800PRO is preloaded with THINKWARE CONNECT, a cloud-based system with geo-fencing, vehicle locator and impact notifications.


Driven by the latest Sony Exmor R Starvis sensor, Q800PRO captures 2K resolution, producing 4X more vivid and blind-spot-free videos of your journeys like never before. Its resolution has been reinforced with Video Enhancement Technology including Super Night Vision 2.0, so you won't miss a single detail be it day or night. Q800PRO's packed with built-in THINKWARE CONNECT, a cloud-based system with geo-fencing, vehicle locator and impact notifications for peace of mind.


THINKWARE’s newest flagship dash cam model U1000 captures true 4K UHD resolution at the front and 2K QHD resolution at the rear, making it one of the highest resolution 2 channel dash cams in the market! Housed in a low profile and modern design, the U1000 brings to the table the latest Cloud Connected features including Live View, Locate Vehicle, Geo-Fencing and Impact Notifications, along with other important driver safety features such as ADAS and safety camera alerts.


X550 epitomises power and sophistication at its finest. The Ambarella A7 Processor and Sony Exmor Sensors for front and rear cameras, enable it to record high definition 1080p wide-angle videos at 30 frames per second. Low light conditions aren’t an issue either as X550’s Super Night Vision 1.0 enhances recordings in dark environments during park mode. X550 comes with a 2.7-inch display screen that lets you control, manage and tweak its settings based on your preferences and playback recordings as needed.


X700 boosts the vehicle’s front and rear surveillance capabilities to the fullest. A 2-channel dash camera (with rear camera input), X700 captures clear, crisp, wide-angle at 142.7° and blind-spot-free high definition video recordings even during nighttime. It sports a 2.7-inch LCD touch screen that lets you view stored footages and gain quick access to its settings. In case of an accident or a collision, X700’s G-Sensor Incident Detection securely stores and safe-keeps crash or impact footage for future use.